When it comes to SEO and the best performing websites, the old adage remains... CONTENT IS KING!


Your website content has to grab your visitors’ attention and communicate your message within seconds.  If you don’t engage visitors quickly, you’ll likely lose them to a competitor’s website.

Search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and their aim is to return the most relevant results to their users.  It’s therefore important that your website content includes lots of information relevant to your business.  If it doesn’t it will be dismissed by the search engines as being of little value to their users.

So don’t take a chance on your website content writing.  Hand over the job to somebody who knows what does and doesn’t work. Our copywriters have many years’ experience in writing marketing content for both print and web.

We start by spending time getting to know you and your business and understanding what your customers are looking for.  We then carry out keyword research to identify the keywords and search terms your customers are using when searching the internet.

Once the relevant search terms have been identified, it is vital that these are used in context within your website. Website copy-writing differs from general copy-writing as it requires the writer to appeal to both human visitor and search engine spiders (two very different audiences). Our website copywriters have many years’ experience, not only in preparing marketing copy, but also in  effective website content writing for SEO.

Content writing for the web also requires knowledge and expertise in using the identified keywords and phrases within your site.  It is important to get this just right.  Too few references to your keywords and phrases will result in your website being missed by the search engines and too many will get you penalised for “keyword stuffing”.

If your website is not being found by the search engines it could be that your content needs some work.  Why not call us for a chat? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our fees and definitely impressed with the difference professionally optimised content can make to your website rankings.

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